2020 Year End Message from Ron Lambden, ODA President


royal avenue gardens xmas 2020 8x5Dear fellow Dartmothians,
alas another year has passed and our association has been largely kept apart due to the ongoing pandemic.
For the most part, our scheduled plans have had to be put on hold, no Regatta, no Reunion dinner, no Mayflower 400 and our projects to enhance and maintain our beautiful surroundings had to be postponed until next year.
Around the town, and the Royal Avenue Gardens in particular, the sight of all the Festive lighting and Christmas trees bring joy and hope for for a better 2021, well done and thanks to all concerned. Special thanks must go to our Website designer, Nigel Punchard for his skill in managing it for the members to use. So I will ask everyone, near and far away, to make contact with news of where you are, how you are, and re-kindle old friendships, especially if you have lost touch with fellow members.
I know our Hon. Sec. Richard Rendle would be delighted to hear from us all, so please get in touch. We can of course make contact with him on his email address also,  Hon. Sec. 
I would like to end by wishing all Old Dartmothians a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.
Stay safe ! 

Ron Lambden.
Photo courtesy of Dartmouth Photos