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Middleton Arch - Royal Avenue Gardens

Dear Members,

 You may recall that in 1992 the Old Darts, along with the Middleton family, replaced the archway leading into the Royal Avenue gardens, which had been previously scrapped when the gardens were redesigned by the South Hams District Council. Well time has taken its toll, and the arch now in need of some TLC.
Members have been giving this project some thought and have priced up the idea and come up with some fixed price quotations for the work.

Royal Avenue Gardensb Oct 2018Disassembling, and taking down the arch, to be undertaken by members.

Shot blasting and hot zinc spay, and spray with two pack primer, (all to be done off site by contractors)

Members to reassemble, and paint in its original colour, with two part paint.

The price for this work including transport is £9,125.

Members are meeting on Thursday April 25th at the Rowing Club, at 7 oclock, to talk over the idea, and all members are most welcome.

It is again a lot of money which needs thoughtful consideration, we can pay from funds, or maybe start an appeal?

Its your association, what do you think? If you are unable to attend, then please contact the secretary via email with your thoughts.

shipindockinnlogoThe Old Dartmothians Association was founded in the Ship 'n' Dock Inn, on the Friday of Dartmouth Regatta in 1923, by four Dartmothians. Their intention was to form a fellowship of Dartmouth men over the age of eighteen, who would cherish their relationship with the town of Dartmouth, and could help to enhance the lives of the townsfolk, even though some of them may have moved away to live elsewhere.

So does that mean the association is only meant only for the elderly townsmen? Well the answer is most definitely NO! The word old has many meanings when used in particular contexts, and in this case we think that it was intended to be interpreted as "Denoting someone who formerly attended, or lived/lives in, a specified place. e.g. as in ‘an old Etonian’. and not someone who is aged.

If you are someone who would like to participate in helping to fulfil the aims of the association, then please read the information contained in the Membership  page. If you would like to drop in at one of the meetings and find out more, then you could attend one of the following meetings that are held at the Dartmouth Amateur Rowing Club, Sanquay Road, Dartmouth. TQ6 9PH1. Meetings are held bi-monthly on the last Tuesday of the following months commencing at 7:30pm as follows, January, March, May, July (AGM) September, November. Also, any potential new member who would like to just have an informal meet and greet chat could join several of the present members who meet at the Royal Castle Hotel on a Friday morning from approximately 10.30 am.